Stout and Amber



It takes a lot of great beer to make good wine.

We excel at the melding of hops, barley, water and yeast into the oldest - and, some say, greatest - of man's inventions: fresh beer. Come early and you can watch us brew our American-style ales and classic European lagers behind glass windows at the far end of our 100-year-old-plus winery-turned-brewery. In addition to tasting great, Silverado Brewing Company's main and seasonal beers contain no additives or preservatives. Come enjoy a fresh, handcrafted brew that has never traveled more than fifty feet from our brewery to your glass!

Main and Seasonal Beers
The Brew Team
Kegs and Specials

Main and Seasonal Beers
"Certifiably" Blonde Ale (4.8-5.2% abv, 22 BU's). This easy-drinking Golden Ale has a crisp, dry palate that is balanced with a light body and slight malty sweetness. Made with certified-organic malts, it is lightly hopped with Hallertau Mittelfruh and Challenger. Our most popular beer, try it with the Calamari or Fish and Chips, or any other fish or fried food.

Pale Ale (5.2-5.8% abv, 40 BU's). This copper-colored American-style Pale Ale has a fruity, floral, and citrus-like character attributed to the variety and quantity of hops used to make it, which are perceptible in both flavor and aroma. CTZ, and Cascade hops are used, and it is the Cascade hops that give the citrus-like character. Medium bodied with medium maltiness, try the Pale with a salad or the Flat Iron steak. A great thirst-quencher!

Amber Ale (5.6-6.2% abv, 33 BU's). This American-style Amber Ale is mahogany in color, and full of flavor, with a wonderful balance of maltiness, caramel-like flavors, and moderate hopping. This medium-to-medium-high bodied beer is hopped with Galena, Challenger, and Cascade, and is a perfect accompaniment to anything barbequed, like our Ribs.

Oatmeal Stout (4.6-5.2% abv, 30 BU's). Made to prove that not all dark beers are heavy, this Oatmeal Stout has a medium body, and nuances of chocolate, coffee, and caramel. Judiciously hopped with Galena, Cascade, and EKG, it is not too bitter. Served from a traditional "Guinness-Style" tap, it takes a little longer to pour, but is well worth the wait! Try it with oysters, beef, or even with a chocolaty dessert. Also makes a great "Black and Tan"!

We also feature seasonal beers throughout the year. Please ask your server or bartender what's fresh and on tap.

The Brew Team
Head Brewer Ken Mee
Our head brewer is Ken Mee, a 4th generation Napa Valley native. Ken started home brewing fine beers in 1978. After attending the Craft Brewers Apprenticeship Program at the American Brewers Guild, he turned his love of beer into a new career when Silverado Brewing Company opened in 2000. Ken's beers have won numerous awards and recognition throughout Northern California. Ken continues to do ample beer-tasting research, and stays abreast of the latest beer brewing trends through memberships in the Brewers Association and the American Brewers Guild.

Julian Nelson assists Ken in the brewery.

Kegs and Specials
Having a party? Great! We have 5-gallon or 15.5-gallon kegs available for your special occasions (no seasonal beers please). Call for pricing and availability.

Also, please ask about our "Growler" - a one-gallon reusable container to take home some great, fresh Silverado Brewing Company beer.